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which system are you talking about? Unity 5? cis it aint all its cracked up to be I'm afraid!!!Thats why I'm still using middleware.
Until recently, I had no idea unity 5 even had that feature - but it's nice from a beginner viewpoint. I really like the concept of sound middleware where i can setup the graphs offline, then load those graphs for realtime mixing/mastering under user/venue control. I am use to things like nuke and houdini for graphics, so it's nice to see node based software for sound (it's more how i think, also reminds me of when i did analog synthesizers in the 60's/70's).

BTW i also bought the book at the GDC " writing interactive music for video games" by Michael Sweet, is helping me understand this entire space much better. I still haven't found an exact "how to" book or instructions for using middleware, that is geared for someone that understands sound in the more traditional channels, but needs to understand the toolsets in detail for this new area.

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