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Old 28th February 2015
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All software seems to react a little differently for all users and hardware. The only way to tell if it works for you is to try it, on a separate drive. There are "enhancements" like Notification Center that are trying to make the desktop experience more like an iPhone, but I have an iPhone so I don't need my desktop repeating every Calendar event and notification that shows up on the phone. I suggest running an OS as lean as possible. If I had all the extra filler apps running in the background, I bet the screen response would be sluggish.

Now I will say that the 10.10.2 update did not install correctly and I've read other users having the same issue. It downloads but won't complete the install. I'm going to wait for the 10.10.3 update and see if that cures the issue before I do anything drastic. So it's not all sunshine and unicorns but for me, it's a ton better than the older OS I was clinging to.