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Berliner and Beamer: new tube preamps by Sonic Farm

Sonic Farm Audio is happy to announce that our new pentode preamps, Berliner and Beamer are now shipping.
Both are dual channel preamps with pentode gain stages.

Berliner is our take on the legendary Telefunken V76 tube preamp, but with some important twists that set it apart from the 50’s original.

The front end is a dual pentode variable gain stage with a regulated bias and EF86/EF806 tubes (instead of the discontinued EF804). This stage behaves and sounds exactly like the original. The output though, is a hybrid circuit borrowed from our flagship Creamer preamp. Without the step-down transformer, it preserves all the detail and sweetness of the first stage and offers both transformer coupled and transformerless (switchable) output. This gives it a broader tonal palette.
We also added instrument (DI) inputs on the front panel and dedicated line input transformers (balanced line in's) so that this preamp can be used to warm up your mixes as well.

Beamer is a Creamer and Berliner crossbreed, having one channel of each. It is a perfect solution for producers who want to pack maximum tonal versatility into a single package. Creamers use a single pentode in their gain stage without any negative feedback. This results in an increased harmonic content and very lively transients. Furthermore, the tube mode can be switched between triode and pentode for very different tonal characters. This combination of channels gives a choice of a classical tube sound (Berliner side) or a modern, more colored sound (Creamer side)
Instrument (DI) input on both channels. Omitted line inputs make it more affordable than both originating preamps. Available now. Details and specs on our website. (link below in signature)