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I held on to the Snow Lep as long as possible. Logic 9 was relatively stable although the gui was sluggish at times and I was able to run some old software like the Sound diver editor for my Virus C.
I had pretty much given up in 32 bit plugs because the Logic bridge always seemed to crash. This is on a 2008 Mac Pro, 16gb ram. So I was thinking it must be time for a new computer.

I decided to cleanly install Yosemite and Logic X on a separate, new WD 2tb black, that way I could try it out but still be able to work. I spent several weeks reading up on optimizing Yosemite, which mainly consists of turning off the Notifications and any of the energy saving apps that are more geared toward laptops.

I am blown away at how much better Yosemite and Logic X are! I haven't had any system related crashes and maybe one Logic crash that was the fault of a 3rd party plugin. The overall speed and response is so much better, it feels like I have a new computer. Logic X takes some getting used to but there are so many great new features that I use everyday. 10.1 is a solid, feature rich app.

Yosemite integrate my iPhone and iPad seamlessly. If I add a contact on my phone, it's automatically on all my devices. Love this.
I wouldn't install over an old system and I'd keep 10.6.8 as a working rig but I couldn't be happier. I've read horror stories but most seem to be wifi related on laptops which don't apply to me. Do some research, buy a new drive, take it for a spin! I'm glad I waited until the bugs were worked out of Logic X but its very inspiring working with the new software and all the sounds and features. Did I mention the plugin control in the free ipad app?