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Are the Weiss EQ1 and DS1 must haves in Mastering?

I have decided to begin accepting Mastering Sessions this year.

It seems that the Weiss pieces are standard in the high end mastering rooms.
My setup so far is:
Massive Passive
(2)-Lil Freq's / (They are new but seem like they would be helpful in a mastering rack)
TC6000 (I have to update it with the Brickwall Limiter)
Hedd 192
Rosetta 800
Z-SYS 16.16
Finalizer (I have to update it to 96K)
Masterlink 96
Tascam RA1000
Protools HD - (I dont know what the standard Mastering Mac software is for capturing and structuring CD's but I will probably be using Waveburner)

I have narrowed down the speaker selection to the Barefoot MM27's or the Lapinski 707's.
The only other decision are the Weiss pieces. I have seen many mastering rooms with less but for the most part the high end rooms seem to all have weiss. Is there an advantage to processing with these units once you have transferred the songs into the workstation? Or is it that they are just as good or better than any of the available analog pieces?

I'm not a plug in fan but if there are any must have plugs for mastering that would be helpful.

Any input from the pros would be appreciated.