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U67 > 1073 > LA2A too colored on vocals?


This is my second or third time using this chain so I'm asking the more experienced ones for opinion.

Yesterday I was recording a vocalist with a fairly low-midrange colored voice and the vocals ended up sounding a bit too colored, bordering on "saturated". Like it was adding a lot of harmonics in the mids mostly. The problem? was a lot more apparent when stacking doubles. The sound suited the song and the artist was really happy with the sound, but I hated not knowing what was exactly going on.

I double checked my gain staging and technically I wasn't clipping anything, nor meters nor the waveform came out clipped.
I didn't hear this the last time I used a U67/1073 combo in that same studio, but it was with another singer and I think I used a Tubetech CL1B that time instead of the LA2A. Probably the different singer's voice played a big role too.

Is this common or do you think I was pushing some gain stage too hard? Am I going paranoid over nothing? Should I look for a job at the local pizza joint?

I'll see if I can post any samples but probably not since it's for a big label.


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