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Old 15th February 2015
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Lilo specks, strange behaviour ?

bought a Lilo 24 one year ago , took me a while to set up the new studio, so
today I powered it up the first time (yes !).
I want to feed the Lilos inputs via 2 apollo 16.
So this is my question : when i route a logic track via the apollo to a certain input of the lilo ( input A ) I hear nothing, tried several inputs.
when I press solo on the Lilo channel I choose as input of my track I hear everything, also panning is functioning. The Master Fader of the lilo does not do anything, but the
master solo button of the lilo controls the total volume, so do the channel faders.

I am afraid its a very easy, stupid mistake I make, I post it in High End because maybe it is a special Lilo prob ...
Otherwise please shift it to somewhere else...
A second question, the Power supply is vry loud due to a ven inside. Is this in each unit the case ?

Regards and thank you for your help !