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Originally Posted by CthonicEwes View Post
Did you do the tuning sequence for the VCOs and VCAs? Did you test for whether the voices pass/fail? These are obvious things to do before doing anything else. Of course, you probably already did all this. Just throwing out the basics, as I'm not a guru!
OK, here's the report:

Other tests:

MIDI Test: Passed
LED Test: Passed, all lit--thanks to that trace fix!
LCD Test: Passed, solid black
SSRAM Test: Passed

Sound Check: I hear sound when keys are played!

I do have some glitchy pots, so it makes the screen jump around, but that fix/cleaning is coming soon.

OS 1.40.12
Bootloader 1.20.37

It appears that the A6 is up-to-date. OS 1.40.12 is the latest, and last, update for the A6.