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Old 10th February 2015
TC Fireworx MIDI Control

Just got a TC Fireworx and have programmed MIDI Hardware FX via a sequencer for ages, these days just use a Physis K4.

Have had great luck adding parameters but it seems by mistake as I like just adding a Delay over the top of a Vocal Doubler so I can kick in and out Delay, then it can go back to our default Voice Doubler preset, then bypass for between performances.

I do not see a way to control the Feedback though as I have always had a slider for Delay, or Reverb, then others for Decay (Size) and Delay and Feedback.

Anyone got experience with this bad boy, I would love to get this covered soon.
The manual says you place the cursor over a parameter and add a CC but some of the most important parameters, to me at least, don't seem to have that option when I try and add a CC.

No complaints though as this unit is really high quality, especially the Filters, Modulations and Reverbs. Delays all sound good to me and I have a large collection of hardware FX, This one stands out for Vocals really well though.