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And it's working here with a poco firewire AND 2 Lacie HD's on the G5's own firewire bus. I'm not streaming audio or anything like that from the Lacie's but they there holding samples and sort of thing.

After 6 months use my system seemed to be getting a little touchy for some reason and after talking to SSL I decided (must to my despair) to clean install everything - I had legacy logic stuff back to Logic 6 on the machine as well as old OSX stuff that had just been updated 'automatically' over the years so it wasn't a bad idea at all (and MUCH easier than I'd feared backup wise etc etc - OSX is GOOD for those kinds of things).

After the clean install everything is working perfectly - and furthermore the OS just seems more snappy and happy.

As soon as SSL work out how to have 2 Duendes running simultaneously I'm off the shop. Or better still: I'll be picking one up from one of the people saying how cr*p it is