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Old 5th February 2015
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Seems like threads like these are coming up weekly now. Andromedas dying everywhere. Not booting or not booting fully. The Flash on the main board is probably dying or dead on all of these but it's not easy to replace.

My Andromeda is at my techs. I can get mine to get to the splash screen and the physical part of the synth works but it won't go over to the actual synth.

Same thing. Bought mine with some quirks and then went to turn it on one day and it wont go past the splash screen.

In the old days I'm pretty sure Alesis just pulled out the main board tossed it in the garbage and threw a new main board in. But now there aren't any more main boards. And Alesis isn't making more. So my Andromeda just sits at my techs. It doesnt seem to have user replaceable parts. I havent heard of people fixing the main boards on their own.

I hold out hope that some 3rd party will make new boards one day and all of these Andromedas will come back to life. But this seems to be a common occurence now. Had I known this before I would never have bought one. It would be nice if one of the original engineers could help the cause.

While it worked I was happy. Now I'm just pissed off. And a bit sad more than anything.

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