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@ Lipps : When I was researching JCF converters I only found one (awesome) person who would reply to PM's with deets on their experience but he didn't have Burls. so I really wanted to make sure this thread had a pointer to me. Because I think I'll be using the JCF's for a long long time!

I worked for years with an Ampex ATR102, Studer A827 and Pro Tools (Mix Plus, HD, HD Accel and now HDX). On the converter front I have extensive experience with 888's (ugh! the reason i bought the studer in 2002), 192's (meh), Apogee AD/DA16X (ok), Symphony (too hyped for me), Crane Song HEDD (good, but not must have) and for years, Lavry Gold AD122 MK III (controversial but useful tool!). I had the good fortune to track and/or mixed projects with Alanis, New Order, David Gray, DJ Shadow with Radiohead, John Cale, Ice Cube, etc. The point being that my opinions were formed under the gun, in the heat of battle -- with record label people yelling at each other (and sometimes me) while invoices went unpaid for 100 days (wait, that's irrelevant .

I've always missed the Ampex. There was a 3D quality and smoothness I got out of them consistently. Sure, it mattered what tape I was running, but even beyond that, there was a tone from the machine I loved. So ... the hype around the JCF was very appealing and once I got into building my new room, I decided to check them out.

I can confirm that the JCF Latte is a wonderful sounding tool and it has a "quality" that I can relate to my long gone ATR. Depth. Size. I dunno, I don't sell these things for a living so I don't have the silver tongue for it. But I have A/B'd them (in the course of usage, not double blind clinical trials) and they have something special. It's subtle. It's not like turning on a UAD plugin and going woah. It's audiophile stuff -- the thing where you feel it on the back of your neck, not right between the eyes.

I am looking forward to getting to know the AD8/PEP and DA8V next month when I move.

The Burls are also great, but entirely different tools. They are more like super HD I/O's. They do what I always wanted my Symphony's to do. Which is color in a way that's flattering but not overtiring. They do have to be used correctly -- they are capable of producing sound that isn't as flattering. This is a distinction with the JCF so far -- the JCF doesn't easily go into unflattering territory. Compared to the Burls, the Latte sounds lush. Compared to the Latte, the Burl sounds clear.

Of course, you've gathered by now that these tools take inverse approaches to the problem.

The JCF Latte AD is uncolored, it goes unnoticed. The Latte DA sounds rich and all that.

The Burl AD is colored, has a definite tone. The Burl DA sounds like a transparent high end digital converter.

BTW, I love both of these's manufacturers creativity and approach to the problems. There is a lot of the "creator's personality" in these pieces. They each have a measure of impracticality (like tape did). So if you are happy with your Orion with a fancy clock, that's definitely a smoother road to travel.
Sweet! thanks for taking the time