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Originally Posted by Faderjockey View Post
Looks like they tried to hard to get it out fast that's a shame.
No - there are quotes like the one above yours from AlexKemp ("I'm really surprised a company like SSL would let the Duende out when its still so underdeveloped") that are only from personal experience and opinion. A minor sampling of the world's users. Mine and the experience of many others has been vastly different from that. I've made it quite obvious throughout this forum that I have 4 Duendes on 4 different machines that are working great with ProTools. No issues that are unexpected

And the lack of support for DP is clearly marked. No deep searching necessary. This has become a place to vent frustrations over that fact.

Why this box gets so much slack I'll never understand. Perhaps a lot of people use it, love it, can't get it to work properly with their system, then trash it as SSL's problem. Sad because it's outstanding.