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anyone have an answer for me????

Don't really want to spend a tone of $$ if its not worthit....
i'm not totally sure what you're doing. are you doing a
commercial or a show?

i just went through this for the first time this past fall. we did
a :30 tv commercial that aired on 2 networks that support
5.1. i'm assuming (dangerous) that what you're working on
is destined for a station that supports 5.1, yes? if so, then
they probably have a spec-sheet of what they want from you. probably know all that. i'll move on.

what we did is take our 6 stems, plus a stereo mix, and an Lt/Rt
out to L.A. along w/ pre-video-striped HDCam tapes...we did
a Dolby E encode and then layed that Dolby E signal back to
the HDCam tape for delivery to the stations.

it does seem that the end-user's reciever decides what audio
track to use based on what you choose. i don't have a surround
reciever so i must be getting the plain-old stereo mix out
of my cable box...but i'm guessing there's also an AC3
track available if my reciever could accept it.

so in summary, in my case, our video house couldn't do that
particular encode/layback so we went to the big city.

if we had to do "just" AC3 encoding, we could have done that. we've
used A-Pack before, but i've heard the Neyrinck stuff is great.
you didn't specify what you're laying back to, but i believe you
can lay an AC3 audio file back as if it's a "normal" audio track.
don't quote me on that...but that's how we've made DVDs with
an AC3 audio track...just lay it into DVD Studio along with the video
track and viola...

this answer might be confusing and be honest your
question was a bit hard to follow.

hope this helps in some way,