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ampeg vt 120 VS marshall 1960

hi everyone, i'm seeking advice about my amp dilemma:
i play my les paul thru an ampeg vt 120, hooked to a marshall 1960 loaded with v30. awesome sound. BUT, to gratify my ego a little more, i'd like to be able to use both the cab and the amp's monster black widow speaker, since it has a great sound of its own, very different than the celestions, and it would fatten and enrich the tone very nicely.
the dilemma is: the ampeg speaker is 8 ohm, on the amp i have 3 connections for the cab, 4, 8, 16 ohm. the cab is either 4 or 16 mono, or 8+8 stereo. i know (not sure why but it kinda makes sense) that i should keep everything to the same impedence, right?
how would i go about to do that?
thanks in advance