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Hello y'all.

Thank you for a very informative thread.

Maybe someone could help me shed some light on a 1600 related issue.
I'm currently installing a 1600 in my home studio.

On 2 of the channels everything is fine apart from the microphone inputs which seem dead.
Line in on those channels are fine as is the auxes and EQ. If anyone has had a similar problem is there a simple fix?

On another channel the mic input works but is extremely quiet.

I realise that it it could be several different problems but sometimes the fix is within reach of a musician type with limited under-the-hood knowledge.
I could off course buy some modules on ebay and replace them with but if the problem is reasonably easy to locate and fix I might just have a go!

Big thanks
Is it possible that the wires from the xlrs to the channel have been swapped accidentally? That would make 2 channels appear not to work and would be an easy thing to happen.