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Old 27th January 2015
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I think the claret out specs the saffire. It's going to be an all around new interface with better conversion (no one jump me here for using the "c" word) and I think it said better pres. And yes a lot more bandwitch for for your signals going adda. So maybe where your daw bogged at 45 tracks (example). Now your cpu can process 80 tracks. Again just an example. But I also beleive usb 2 is better than firewire Not on paper but u know there's a reason new computers are not implementing them but they are adding usb... So I wouldn't get crazy hung up on it. You have a good interface and if I were u I would just take my time and get to know it. Then in a few months or a year or two. Thjnk about the upgrade. I think at this point we haven't seeen tb reach its full potential so I don't think your missing out too much. No audible difference your right!!! Just bandwitch