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Originally posted by Remoteness

The day you were out with us, was one of Newark, NJ's hottest days. I think it hit a record that day and it was like a fridge in the control cabin, if I remember correctly.
Yeah, it sure as **** was. I think it hit 105 or something and the truck was nice and cool.

Back in the old days of everyday use of two inch tape, all we needed to do was turn on the 2" machines and our heating issues were met during the winter season. We carry space heaters that quickly heat up the control cabin. On really cold days, it can take anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes for the truck's control cabin to be at the right working condition. During the hotter seasons, the A/C thing is a totally different situation. The A/C units instantly cool off the truck within 2 to 5 minutes of turning them on. When I had the Harrison MR4 and two Otari MTR90II's on board, we had to have at least one A/C unit on during the winter season. Imagine that...
I can. Even in my space with the JH-24, A80, Trident 65 and outboard going there are times when I need to run the A/C in January. Who needs a space heater when you have a big tape deck?