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I'll also throw this out there. Due to the way OS X works you have to keep your plugins in the system folder. Because of this it's real easy to create a boot drive that is greater than 256 gb. Real easy. You may find that the tiny little flash drive (256) will be insufficient for your needs.
This is true in theory, but most AU/VST aren't monstrously large. I've got a metric **** ton of Logic Audio Units and the entire plugins folder is 5GB. Big? Yeah. But I probably never use half of them and could be pruned.

The big stuff like STEAM (Spectrasonics), Kontakt library, etc etc -- that folder of mine weighs in at 200+GB. And I'm sure people have audio folders 2-3x as big as that. Those folders don't have to go in the user's Library directory.

Going back though, I'll agree with you -- 256GB is woefully small.

But if I had a choice between 16GB ram + 256GB drive or 8GB ram and any sized drive, I'd have to go with the ram.

I'm done playing devil's advocate with myself.