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Question Surround Encoding/Decoding Question

Hey all...

Been hunting around here (GS's) and various other sites looking @ a lot of information on the proper (I say that very loosley) way to go about encoding for surround...

My question is about broadcast in North America... if you are the Audio house and would have to send out the mix for a restripe (if it's mixed in ST or surround) I'm going to Ass-U-Metutt that I would need to send them an encoded file so it would restripe on their master like a ST file... then would only be decoded in the consumers home by their receiver (cable or satellite)


Or would the video house that is doing the restripe be doing the encoding???

Does anyone have and experience with the Neyrinck Encoding Plugins for Protools???
I've herd of people encoding audio (AC-3) with compressor (Apple software)... where is that preset???

Thanks for the help