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Originally posted by Jay Kahrs

Well, with open mics nearby it sounds like a convey of emergency vechices.

Steve, how did you deal with HVAC for the truck? I'd imagine it gets pretty hot in there during the summer with all that gear and people in a small space. It was hot the day I was out with you but I'm sure it's been hotter. Have you ever had problems with heat or other inclimate conditions?

The day you were out with us, was one of Newark, NJ's hottest days. I think it hit a record that day and it was like a fridge in the control cabin, if I remember correctly.

Keep in mind, I built this truck over 15 years ago and had a slightly different approach to things back then. Economics was key. More bang for the buck ruled back then. Not that it doesn't today, the numbers to play with are much larger for me nowadays.

Back then, we did a lot of recording in places that did not have proper power. Sometimes we could not tie into "real" power and had to modify our power distribution. If applicable, we could use up to six 20 amp Edison plugs right into standard wall outlets. I didn't want anything but 110 - 125 volt equipment in the truck, A/C units included. I decided to use three 117 volt household air conditioners, modified for my needs. One for the equipment and two for the control cabin work space. It's the best $200.00 I ever spent. I bought two $200.00 A/C units and another smaller unit and they are still working like a charm today. I never even recharged them in all these years. They may not be the quietest units but they work perfectly.

Today, with the new expando truck project, it's a totally different thing. We are going all out on this one. High tech all the way in most areas ... but that's another story alltogether.

Back in the old days of everyday use of two inch tape, all we needed to do was turn on the 2" machines and our heating issues were met during the winter season. We carry space heaters that quickly heat up the control cabin. On really cold days, it can take anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes for the truck's control cabin to be at the right working condition. During the hotter seasons, the A/C thing is a totally different situation. The A/C units instantly cool off the truck within 2 to 5 minutes of turning them on. When I had the Harrison MR4 and two Otari MTR90II's on board, we had to have at least one A/C unit on during the winter season. Imagine that...

You could freeze your butt off using DA*8's