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Old 20th January 2015
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Tweeter Options for KRK Expose E8B?

For the 2nd time, I've picked up a pair of used KRK Expose E8bs on the cheap(I'm a sucker for anything I perceive to be a good deal . I did the same thing a couple of years ago and although they were more than usable, I felt they lacked just a tad in the low-end, and the amplifier 'hiss' in a near field position wasn't extreme, but unacceptable for a anything over $1K let alone $5K (again, paid much less) so I sold them.

One of this pair has a bad tweeter and a replacement is $650(more than I paid for the bad speaker). Just for fun, I experimented with a uber high-end car tweeter that I had laying around and although it fell quite a bit short of anything close to factory, what it lacked brought the bass balance a bit closer to what I'd like. I'm willing to experiment and pay in the $400 range for a pair of tweeters - if anyone has any suggestions/experience, love to hear it.

This would be a 2nd pair of monitors to compliment my Digidesign RM1s (PMC ATL design)