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Old 16th January 2007
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Help with choosing preamp.

Application: purely vocal (rock, pop, hiphop, rap)
I do not need more than 1 channel. (really)
Microphones: P12, TLM103, AT4033SE, beta 87, beta 58
Sound I'm looking for: airy, smooth, pleasing, clear.

Choices: Pacifica vs ME-1NV vs API LunchBox with 512c vs Avalon 737sp vs Chameleon Labs 7602 vs focusrite ISA220 vs Liquid Channel

I mix entirely with plug-ins in cubase 4 (UAD1 studio pak, URS compressor & eq, waves SSL 4000 bundle)

Another option is to get the lunchbox and buy a 512c + P-1, is the P-1 as good as the pacifica??

The best is to listen and make a decision, do you know any place who has a friendly return policy?

Thanks in advance for the advance.