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The Art Channel is your analogue front end through which you record. All your plug-ins treat your recorded stuff afterwards, in the box. Both worlds can't really be compared as they are utilized in 'chronological' order.
Having said that, is it possible to go back to the Voice Channel and use the effects post recording? Also, in my DAW would it be possible to route multiple channels to go through the Voice Channel? Or is that a dumb question since I can only bring the effects to one setting, and it's highly unlikely that I'll ever want two channels containing different sounds to get treated with the same settings of EQ/compressor. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, lol.

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I think the art voice channel is a great product.
It's a superb pre-amp (same as the mpa II people rave about), as well as a superb compressor (same as the vla II people rave about).
For your personal home studio, it should be a channel strip that's hard to beat by any means. All in consideration of its price of course.
I'd absolutely keep it, if I hadn't other (most probably much more expensive) front end options.
How do you think the preamps of that compare to my Saffire Pro 40? I usually just turn the Pro 40 down all the way and use the preamp of the Voice Channel.

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Nothing beats grabbing a knob and twisting it - in real time - to learn how the elements of the processing chain affect the signal.
There is a good amount of interaction between each element in a box like that, which makes it a good learning tool.
You are a student and you've asked a valid question....there is much you still have to learn, grasshopper. Do not dismiss this tool so quickly.
Definitely agree, I thought I knew a lot before I got into this program, and now that I'm in the program I feel like I never knew anything. I bet once I'm out of this program, I'll be looking back to now thinking damn, I never knew anything.

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Hi again!

I think, basically your prof tries to tell you to capture/record the best signal you can get. Once recorded, a track can only be "fixed" to a certain degree in the mix by processing it in various ways. A good (in any respect) recorded track maybe doesn't even need to be "fixed" or processed much in the mixing process later on - that's your goal.
In order to get this kind of recording, you first NEED a good preamp. Maybe you need to also compress your signal ON THE WAY IN. Maybe you also feel the need to EQ it ON THE WAY IN. And so forth.
The voice channel is exactly the kind of tool (channel strip) to achieve a good RECORDING.
The better your RECORDED tracks, the easier is mixing these, the better is the final product.
One rule here: you can always DEGRADE your recordings in the mix if needed. You cannot, on the other hand, ADD any fidelity (/ make them better) or whatsoever to your recordings in the mix.
Those are definitely great points.

But I'm just curious why this one is better than just using Pro Q 2, and one of the UAD compressors to treat the recording on the way in. Is the analog sound of a unit this cheap going to compete with the sound of a really high end plug in of the same function (EQ/compressor)?

Thanks again guys.