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Hi again!

I think, basically your prof tries to tell you to capture/record the best signal you can get. Once recorded, a track can only be "fixed" to a certain degree in the mix by processing it in various ways. A good (in any respect) recorded track maybe doesn't even need to be "fixed" or processed much in the mixing process later on - that's your goal.
In order to get this kind of recording, you first NEED a good preamp. Maybe you need to also compress your signal ON THE WAY IN. Maybe you also feel the need to EQ it ON THE WAY IN. And so forth.
The voice channel is exactly the kind of tool (channel strip) to achieve a good RECORDING.
The better your RECORDED tracks, the easier is mixing these, the better is the final product.
One rule here: you can always DEGRADE your recordings in the mix if needed. You cannot, on the other hand, ADD any fidelity (/ make them better) or whatsoever to your recordings in the mix.