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Old 15th January 2015
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Do I have a use for my ART Voice Channel?

What's up GS.

So last June I purchased the ART Voice Channel because it's such a good price for the things it comes with and I read great reviews of it. This was before I got into my recording engineering program and I learned a lot since then.

When I first got it, I thought this is sick, I get to have all of this stuff and it's rack mounted so I'll look really cool when I use it.

From then till now, I've also acquired an abundance of plugins such as Pro Q 2, Ozone 6, a variety of compressor VSTs, and a lot more other stuff.

Now, I know this is a super noob question and maybe I should've posted it in the newbie sub, but do I actually have a use for this? I'm positive it doesn't have more functionality than the plugins I have.

I had a lot of trouble setting it up properly when I first got it, cause I tried using spdif, but couldn't set it up in my Saffire Pro 40s software, so I am just using balanced output. But now that it's finally up and running I'm really questioning if this was a stupid purchase.

Thanks for any advice.

TL;DR Do I have a use for my ART Voice Channel considering I have a bunch of really good plugins that do the same thing but better.