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Old 14th January 2015
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Wasn’t familiar with Molex connectors, but if google pics is reliable I can tell that is not what i have. See pics above (post #22 ).

Found some useable much on connectors at the hardware store. The manager called them bullets - and they do look somewhat like small empty casings. The ones they gave me were a little large, but after I trimmed them down and compacted the end, it fit well. Music sounds good coming out of the speaker.

A question that remains - Is it safe to connect wires that extend from the connectors I bought, now on the male port on the Board in the amp, to a capped off end when not in use? I am going to have to detach them every time I use and then later, store them and it's going to be difficult and depreciating to attach the wires from the speakers ever time I want to use them. As a result, I would rather simply keep wires plugged into the female ports extending out from the ports so I can twist them together with the speaker’s wires when needed. Just not sure if this is 100% "healthy" for the amp, or if there is something about this that might be damaging that I don't know about.