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Old 13th January 2015
Gear Head

If you read above, I'm not trying to connect those wires (the ones pictured) to the connector, but instead I have a different cab that I would like to temporarily fix the head to. This different cab has standard wires without the male posts, they are straight sleeved wires stripped at the ends. Any ideas on how to connect these standard wires to the female connectors stably and safely? I only attached the picture of them to show how the connector and wires went together in the first place.

Additionally, is it safe to connect wires that extend from the female port i showed you on the amp to a capped off end when not in use? It's going to be difficult and depreciating to attach the wires from the speakers ever time I want to use them, as I am going to have to detach them every time I use and then later, store them. As a result, I would rather simply keep wires plugged into the female ports extending out from the ports so I can twist them together with the speaker wires when needed.