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It uses triple cell storage, which wears off faster than the pro's for example. Nowadays the SSD wear is beyond 5 years so it should not be a big issue, but since there is continuous writing on the OS drive I am wary, even more because there is not enough experience with these drives and their tech. They also had a major issue in the firmware to start with, which seems fixed now.
But just because I say I would not use them doesn't mean they die in one year from now. It is just the kind of drive I would not use for OS.
I actually just replaced a failed OS hard drive with a Samsung EVO.

It was very simple to plug in, I had no issues at all and the start up the PC has improved massively.

Just sayin...

And read above for more information on what DAW Plus is referring to...EVO class is using tech that's unproven enough that other SSD makers are only starting to consider moving to TLC. The 'robustness' of TLC depends more on the drive's controller and its ability to constantly adjust to changing voltage references than it does the NAND itself, and is affected by how 'overprivisioned' a drive is (how much spare NAND is included to help 'wear-level' the drive as NAND cells are put out of commission).

Loosely translated: many modern consumer class drives are relying more & more on 'smarter' controller & firmware tricks than they are on the NAND itself, and this will become more & more the case as process shrinks continue to occur (which affects the durability of the NAND at least as much as how many signalling states are used, if not more).