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Old 8th January 2015
Maybe photographers have lost some of the job field of instant/real-time journalism, but they're still getting hired to do weddings, graduation parties and to photograph young skinny girls with weird clothes on them and even journalism still hires them for the more elaborate or bigger stories.

Rikharthu does make a very valid point. We live in a world that is more concerned with visuals than anything else. I'm married to a photographer and got a couple of friends who are full-time photography professionals. My wife has way less experience with photography than I do with audio engineering and she makes quite a good buck, which is great since I'm making very few! Out of those two friends, one is an old timer but the other left his job at IBM because he was getting more photo shoots requests than he could handle. He's making slightly less but he's in a very good place in terms of finances and stability. Also far less stressed than he was back in his IT days.