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If You want hustle free system and concentrate on making Music then this is the real deal
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Its as easy as ABC, its easier to install os x than windows because you don't need any fancy and extra drivers,after the initial installation ,thats why i love MACs, parallels is also well developed and you won't get into any hiccups, if i had the money thats what i would probably buy and use
Windows 8 aka iOS 8 is a no go zone for Music Production don't try that, and parallels with windows 7 is so perfect on a MAC, thats what i use With FL Smilies
Studio Producers who come and can't use logic or other MAC only DAWs
Hi iamslim11,

are you just joking or it was meant seriously?
Advice kinda like.. if you want to run Windows programs, buy old Mac, which has two times slower processor than recommended i7-4790, and then finish it with another layer of speed decrease (IOs, all emulated hardware) with virtualization software (have you actually tried to run some ASIO applications there and compare its performance to native system with direct access to sound device? what about DPC latency in virtualized machine? disk I/O benchmarks..).
That is, what I call, hustle free system for the real Studio Producer.

Windows 8 aka iOS 8 quote is also bit exaggerated.. Functionally there is not so many significant differences between Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 if used in DAW workload. Generally all mentioned operating systems can be very stable and perform well, unless someone rushed with newer versions and didn't wait for proper software updates from respective software and hardware vendors.