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Here for the gear

Originally Posted by Bassmankr View Post the way I'd drop the $20 and just ask for help. It's kind of insulting saying I'll give you 0.2% of what I'm going to spend if you help me.
This was said with a healthy dose of humor... not as an attempt to reset minimum wage rates. If beer tickles your fancy though... I'll buy the first round for sure!

Originally Posted by Bassmankr View Post
If you have a Microcenter nearby, their in-store pricing of the 4790K will be the lowest you can get it for and you will also be likely to find a very cheap but functional case there (they typically have many closeouts - no extra shipping costs and less chance of a dented case).
There is one on the south side of Denver. Not too far...
For the motherboard? I feel like that's a critical piece of the puzzle, right? I'm sure there are a half dozen different models that would fit that CPU, but is there a best one ... better yet, ones to stay away from?? And does that affect what memory you can use?

Maybe that's my really the crux of my issue here. Putting a motherboard, CPU and Memory combination together. Drives, cases, power supplies ... all of that stuff is pretty flexible, right. If I get a killer combination of those three things, then wrapping everything around it should be doable.

It seems like that Intel Core i7-4790K (something Haswell) is the popular choice for processor. What mother board and memory would be best paired with it??

{edit} You're freaking kidding me... looking up the i7-4790K I found that the i7-4770K is really the "flagship" processor for intel's i7 line. I swear to god I hate this stuff.{/edit}