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Here for the gear

I was looking to check reviews of 2i2, seeing as I have had one since soon after it was released. 3 years? 4?

I have nothing but praise for it. Works beautifully and always has. And still looks great, fwiw.

I rate it as about the best £120 I have ever spent.

I was after as good as I could get on a budget - to pursue music production. I wanted it to be reliable and I really needed it to work, and work far better than what I had (Creative/ASUS).

It does. And has done for a few years as a workhorse recording/playing device. It has far exceeded my expectations. [Ha! No, I'm not paid to say it, I am just impressed. Very few products delight me but the 2i2 has.) I like quality over quantity, but I am a Bang-for-Bucks kinda guy......and I think I hit the bulls-eye with 2i2.

After hearing my 2i2 a friend bought a shiny new 8i8, or whatever. He's a far more accomplished musician than I, and he loves it. Especially the Pre's.

I have come across two of the problems mentioned. But they are easily solved:

1) 24 bit/16bit?

There is a simple solution to getting 24bit audio output in Windows - use an ASIO driver for your audio-player. XMPlayer and Winamp have ASIO plugins. (XMPlayer seems a far better implementation)

2) Issues with resuming from sleep....... are issues resuming from sleep. Just disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to/from 2i2 if there any issues.

Fixes it every time for me.
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