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You are mistaken.
Newspapers have sacked their photography departments on a grand scale.
If you are National geographic you hire the world's best photographers and pay them. If you are Steven Spielberg mixing a movie, or Paul McCartney you hire the world's best engineers and pay them.
It's at the lower levels that things have radically changed.
One of my online pals, Ken Lee, is a moderately well-known photog whose photos have appeared in the National Geographic, some of which are included in the permanent Smithsonian collection, and has regularly received awards and features in a wide range of periodicals.

His day job: teaching kids with developmental disabilities for the LA school district.

His site:

An LA Times feature on him:

PS... Ken is also a fine musician and an active recordist.

PPS... Here's a video montage of some of Ken's photos he graciously allowed me to use to accompany one of my meandering acoustic guitar improvisation tracks:

Whoa! I just wanted a YT link -- not a big, flashy, look-at-me embed -- but apparently there has been an update to the GS system. Now all you have to do is paste in the URL. The Age of Miracles has come to pass! heh [EDIT: Well, it worked for a while. Actually, better to be able to just have a link at times, like here.]

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