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"Hire an AE", they think. "What, your buddy's got a rig? He'll do it for free? Great!" - massive devaluation

"Hire a photographer! What, your buddy's got an iPhone? Uh...nah..."
EXACTLY what I'm getting at. Why is it that you don't see news people using iPhones to take photos but yet people are making records on Garage Band?

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And really, just in the realm of stigma, professional photography is still considered a "serious" thing, somewhat like a plumber, whereas audio production is thought of as, well, I don't know. It's lumped in there with "musicians" just has a lot of "fun" attached to the idea. Paying someone to have fun seems silly to most. And we're all in it together, right bro? Let's make a sick album! Pay you?! I thought you were my bro! I'm going to Billy's home studio, f u man.
SO funny - and SO true!