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You are mistaken.
Newspapers have sacked their photography departments on a grand scale.
If you are National geographic you hire the world's best photographers and pay them. If you are Steven Spielberg mixing a movie, or Paul McCartney you hire the world's best engineers and pay them.
It's at the lower levels that things have radically changed.
I think he's referring to the lower, "public" level.

For one, most photographers I've met don't have dreams of making it big, so they're not going to do things for...exposure. And there are less of them from my view.

For two, I don't think society has quite caught up with the reality of hobby audio production. Cheap photography has been around for quite some time, and in deed everyone has a camera of some sort, so people are aware of the difference. As in, musicians who aren't really in the know think of AEs all the same.

"Hire an AE", they think. "What, your buddy's got a rig? He'll do it for free? Great!" - massive devaluation

"Hire a photographer! What, your buddy's got an iPhone? Uh...nah..."

Then there's the bit about most people not having any real standard for sonics. A very visual bunch, these kids, so they don't really seek quality and keep the low rate guys working (a lot of them do graduate, of course).

And really, just in the realm of stigma, professional photography is still considered a "serious" thing, somewhat like a plumber, whereas audio production is thought of as, well, I don't know. It's lumped in there with "musicians" just has a lot of "fun" attached to the idea. Paying someone to have fun seems silly to most. And we're all in it together, right bro? Let's make a sick album! Pay you?! I thought you were my bro! I'm going to Billy's home studio, f u man.