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Why does it seem that the professional photography industry has not been "devalued" with the digital age like audio production has?

A good photographer still costs big bucks. A good audio engineer/artist, on the other hand, has become relatively cheap.

Why has one field held its value while the other has not? Or am I mistaken?
I'll think out loud with you, but might change my mind or something.

All people on the face of the planet (ecept me) have a cell phone. Usually with a built-in camera capable of taking seriously great pictures. Yet not many parents have their kid's yearbook pictures taken with them, or many other serious photography situations. Everybody has this technology for years now, they realize that much more how valuable dedicated artistic types are. Cell phones walk the walk.

On the other hand, since the 80's, seems like every musician with a mouth was saying how much greater the digital age would be for music. "We're almost there" you'd hear monthly, and the months flew by. People bought ADATs and DA88s and they were closer to the sound (of one instrument/one vocal type of test) they were after, but they ate tapes and some would argue needed upgrades and maintenance....

Wait, I'll just cut to the chase and say cameras are quiet and DAWs are loud.