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Old 4th January 2015
Here for the gear

I will give you $20 to design my computer!!

Yes... 20 dollars, american! In ones, fives,tens, or a single Andrew Jackson!!!
Seriously thought... I really will send someone $20 bucks if they'll help me design a computer, one specifically for musical endeavors. I will paypall that isht to you today!

I've been reading through the "today we build our studio pc" thread, and it's awesome ... but also a little overwhelming. I understand a lot of these things sure, but it's not something I enjoy researching and studying or doing. I'd say I'm basically the opposite of brainbotkiller. And I mean that as the utmost of compliments.

My goal is to get a platform that is really good now and will allow for future upgrading/growth (as best we can predict what the future of the components will be)
If it's all parts and I have to put it together, fine. I believe I can do that. If it starts with a barebones package and I adds specific parts to make it what I want/need, I'm good with that. Heck even if you can show me why a laptop fits the bill better than a desktop, I'll listen.

Budget = $1000 (I know, that's like Ford money, not Porsche money, but that's what I got)
Musical endeavors include, recording, mixing, mastering ... general hobbyist home studio stuff. Until I can afford a bunch of nice outboard gear, the computer will be carrying the load for the on-board plugins.
*It will be Windows, but don't consider cost of OS in this, as I'm not sure what platform I'll put on it yet. I could reuse an existing one.
+ I don't need monitors (like the video kind).
+ I have a 500Gb external drive dedicated to my current PC that can be re-purposed.
+ I have a 10k 1Tb internal drive that can be reuse.
+ It must have Firewire as I'm using an Onyx Blackbird as my interface currently. I could potentially use my existing Firewire card, assuming it's compatible withe the new motherboard.

- I don't know that there's much else salvageable from my current PC. But that just means I can keep it as my internet connected (aka porn) computer. Safely isolated from the other segments of my home network.

-I don't know anything about anything (and don't want to) when it comes to specific detail regarding processor/motherboard/chipsets/FSB/BSB and god knows what else happens there. All I know is that there are some required combinations and also debate over best performance vs cost and longevity of the technology. I lean towards longevity in most cases and I will cut cost/performance temporarily if need be. If a solid state drive is radical, but a 10k disk will work pretty well now, then the 10k makes sense as I can start save up for a SSD over the coming months. I would say that logic applies to RAM type vs amount, CPU type, hard drive type vs size. I'm actually looking for something I can continue to build up over the next year, so consider that. However, what I initially build should be complete enough to have me up and running right out of the box ~some assembly required~.

I'm sure this is a woefully iniquity starting point ... so lead me in the direction you need me to go. Ask me the questions you need to ask and I'll be as responsive and informative as I can.

Happy start to your 2015 and Thanks!