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You know what I find surprising.?.

If I go back to say 1985, when the the Effectron II was out as well as the Korg SDD 3000 was out as well as the Roland equivalent, the SDE 2000. The tape echo had outlived its usefullness and was was considered garbage, noisy, had an undesirable foot print.

Now, 30 years or so later the same unit that was considered junk which you could buy for $150 used is considered desirable.

How the world changes. It's crazy how the world works.

From tape to a hard drive.
For wet and silky to dry and crushed

If you had said to me 30 years ago that in 30 years artists wont even need to be able to sing on pitch, that you'll correct it note by note, everyone would have been saying; "You're crazy".

But here we are.

Having a grand pappy moment.