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The 2006 is end-address, and if Plush is correct, has two omni capsules. Perhaps just to reduce noise, as Aural Endeavors described?
Yep, that much I understood from the description off the bat . It is two omnis. Still dead curious as to whether they are stacked side by side, one facing front the other rear -- because the mic seems to be 1/2" diameter. Anyone want to volunteer to rip one apart? The other thing is how they are wired. I read of a DIYer constructing a similar mic, for the purpose of lowering noise. He said it was wired "parallel" but you could see in his pictures it was wired in serial, one capsule to the next, and merrily on its way to the preamp. The DPA may be a tad more sophisticated.

I think it's a neat concept. It's worth noting that the area of two 1/4" capsules combined (28.27mm2 x 2 = 56mm2) is still half the area of one 1/2" capsule (113mm2). I was wrong in stating off the cuff that two quarter inchers gives you the surface area of a half incher, which tells you something about math education in the states