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The quoted text in this thread also says "opposite facing".
Doh, yeah You're right. But still we don't have any definitive information as to whether they are back to back or opposite facing and stacked. The mic appears to be 1/2" diameter (correct me if I'm wrong) not 1/4". And they could just as well be facing side to side, but that seems unlikely.

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Hi Szegedin,

Almost all multipattern mics use this same technique, they just aren't explicit about it. u87s, 4050s, 414s, 800s, and all your favorite old tube mics with power supplies and pattern selectors -- they all have two back-to-back diaphragms/capsules.

As a case study, take a look at the Sennheiser TWIN. It is the same as the MKH 800, but instead of the capsules being combined in the mic, you have separate outputs for the front and back capsule. By changing the level and phase, you can get omni, cardioid, figure-8, and anything in between.

This is why some people talk about "pressure condensers" or "true omnis" when talking about using omnis. They want to distinguish between "real" omnis and dual-diaphragm omnis. This doesn't mean that other omnis don't sound good - it's just different.
Thanks for that - yes I was aware of this 'fake' omni phenomenon and to my ears there is a difference. The cheap CAD m179 must use the same techneique as that Sennheiser twin you're talking about.

I'd just never seen this summed dual omni design before. Since posting this thread I have read that some DIYers have emulated this with cheap omni caps to favorable (for the price) results. Wiring in parallel.

Plush thanks for your first-hand info on the 2006. I'm not considering buying it, just interested in the design going on there. I agree that the price is not right relative to the 4006, which I consider a 'bargain' since there are more expensive mics out there, but to my ears none better. With the 2006 they are just flogging the DPA reputation, but one has to admit the noise spec is better than the 4060. It's not a 4060.

As for "you get what you pay for" -- IMHO this is the most over-repeated, demonstrably false piece of echolalia on this forum, but that is the topic for another thread.