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Don't buy that microphone. It is a budget version of the real thing.

DPA only makes two capsules. This is their way of trying to offer an omni microphone with the capsules that they make in house.

The real omni capsules are still made by Bruel & Kjaer and DPA buys these from B&K for their premium omnis like the 4006 and 4007 and the other variants.

If you require top top performance in omni technique, never buy the budget "wanna-be" version that DPA promotes right now.
Thanks for your input. Yeah I was aware of this. However from the samples I think the 2006 sounds like a very good omni; I'm not sure it's value is precisely correlated to its price, compared to the 400x series. The impetus of this post was pretty much that I found it disappointingly lame that the mic is not the 1/2" mic it appears to be.

Still the technology they're using here is just a point of interest - a unique design. A better comparison would probably be the Earthworks M30, at around the same price but higher noise.