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DPA 2006 twin diaphragm design: not sure I get this

DPA's 2006 series microphones have two 1/4" diaphragms in place of the one 1/2" diaphragm of the 400x series. From DPA:

In a 2006 capsule two opposite facing miniature capsules are custom re-built into a double diaphragm, one-capsule composition. This combines the advantages of small capsules (fast impulse response and large frequency bandwidth) with lower inherent noise achieved from a larger diaphragm area.
Say what? I'm not sure I get this. The two capsules are facing opposite (front/back or side/side?) one on top or next to the other, or just back to back? And this is true of both the omni and cardioid versions, the latter of which uses an interference tube to make it cardioid.

Now, this yields the same amount of diaphragm real estate as a 1/2" diaphragm, and that's how it attains the same low noise spec. But what are they, sort of just wired together in series? And why hasn't anyone else tried this, including DIYers?

I'm at a loss for a headscratcher emoji. Can anyone shed any light on this; I guess we are all reading the same texts on the internet, but I'm intrigued by this.

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