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So are the vintage obsessed of the issue that there are not any good modern made guitars?? I could not give a flip for the name Fender or Gibson on my guitar what matters to me is how it plays and how well the build. I had lot of older Strats but never imagined many of them were all that amazing. I prefer new myself, but custom builds not Fender and Gibson which like most iconic brands are no longer what they used to be.
New cars, new houses, new guitars, new gear but that is just me.
Of course new must imply some standard of quality which as a subject matter manufacturing throughout the 60s was notoriously lacking in quality and process control hardly two of anything was the same. Hard to imagine everything made in '59 was a magical gem. I doubt it. As for age, the wood after 50 years, components, wiring, even magnets degrade, it is pretty ludicrous to imagine it sounds like it did to those playing it when it was "new". If someone has that amount of money to spend, good for them. I would not live through the night if I tried to spend that much on a guitar.