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Old 16th December 2014
Gear Maniac

I just wanted to say thanks for answering all my questions before I purchased, I am ABSOLUTELY happy with these interfaces.

What I have (on OSX) is:

MacPro <-> 1248 (Thunderbolt)
1248 <-> Motu 896HDmk3 (ADAT1 IN/OUT) Using as A/D converter only
1248 <-> Expert Sleepers Modular Interface (ADAT2 IN/OUT)
1248 <-> 24AI (Ethernet AVB)

24AI <-> OctoPreMk2 1 (ADAT 1 IN/OUT)
24AI <-> OctoPreMk2 2 (ADAT 2 IN/OUT)
(ADAT 3 is free)

I only record and work in 44.1/48, clocking for all ADAT devices done over ADAT. 24AI <->1248 done over AVB. Only one connection to computer, single Thunderbolt.

I've had no problems with this setup. I had a Lucid GenX6 as an external clock and compared results and found I just didn't need it. Subjective test obviously, but nevertheless, I am EXTREMELY happy everything works.

This is running in 10.10 as well. I'm basically using something like 78 inputs at the moment (have not tested all simultaneously yet because that was never my intention, but want to just to see what it does).