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There was more hand craftsmanship
Not necessarily, the Nashville custom shop uses the same type of duplicarvers and templates as the Michigan factor did in the 50s and 60s. Lots of Les Pauls and other models are still hand crafted in the custom shop. The USA shop uses CNC but the Custom shop makes them the same way as they did in the 50s with only very minor differences. I think the biggest difference in sound between a real 50s paul and a current model is the pickups. Those 57 PAFs have something going on they new ones do not. Also the wood they use on some of the newer models is not the same.

however the custom shop does build Les Pauls with the same species of mahogany same eastern maple caps and Brazilian fret boards just like the 50s Pauls. Most modern Pauls do use cheaper Indian rosewood and maple that comes from the pacific coast, so there are differences but you can get a pretty accurate 50s Les Pauls if you want to do the research and make an investment...but they ain't cheap. I have a mid 90s 59 reissue paul and it is very close to the originals I have played. No ot;s not as good since it doesn't have the 57 PAFs, but the wood ..look and feel of the guitar is very much like the late 50s models I've played