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I disagree. Any solid material is going to have resonant frequencies--if you tap it, you'll hear this those resonant frequencies are going to make some notes louder than others, and some quieter. It's just the laws of physics: a fret job won't change that. Adding or subtracting mass, changing the neck--these things might. But whatever you do to the frets, the mass and density of the guitar stays the same
Sure - any material has resonant frequencies and will therefore vibrate in sympathy with those frequencies - solid body guitars are no exception. This is the reason why certain solid bodied guitars have their own unique timbre. But in my experience this phenomenon of some notes being louder than others only seems to be an issue with hollow bodied instruments (this can be a real problem with some acoustic instruments), but it doesn't affect solid-body guitars in any significant way. I can only speak from my own experience, but in my twenty-plus years of working on guitars professionally, I've never had a customer complain about that on a solid bodied guitar unless it was an issue involving fret levelness - not even once out of the thousands of guitars that have been on my workbench.

Maybe you hear something that me and my customers don't, but every solid-bodied guitar I've ever worked on sounds pretty even as you play up and down the neck (assuming the frets are level).