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I need some help. I just got two 16Aa (replaced 3 2408 mk3s), they're connected to a nMP and a Toft ATB24. The guy at Sweeywater said I should hook up both w/a Thunderbolt cord on each. In reading the manual it says to hook up the second one via Ethernet. I've tried every combination. I am slaving the clock on the second one to the first. I'm only using the second one for an additional 8 outputs.

Problem: I can't get the second one (or additional Analog outputs) to show up in Digital Performer 8. The AVB software sees it and I've tried configuring as both Additional Outputs and an Interface.

Once I get it going I'll post a mix done through the 2408 mk3s and the 16As for comparison. I can already hear a big difference, especially in the low end.
When both are plugged in via Thunderbolt, do they both appear in Audio MIDI Setup? If so, this might just be a DP bug and I'll look into it. In that case, you should be able to work around it by creating a Core Audio aggregate device.

On the other hand, if you hook the 16As up over AVB, it will only show up to the Mac as a single interface (the one that's plugged into the computer). You'll need to set up the routing on both boxes to get it working the way you want On the Thunderbolt-attached 16A, you'll route some of the To/From Computer I/O over AVB streams to the other 16A. Use the Stage I/O device preset on the other 16A and then connect their AVB streams. I'm happy to go into more detail here or in a PM, but there are a lot of good resources explaining this and more at - AVB. The video tutorial entitled "Stage I/O Preset" in particular might be helpful.