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MrMiller I have a request. I recently purchased a 24Ao. I haven't tested it yet. But it seemed worth a shot for expansion on my hybrid setup. As I am thinking about my main interface to go along with it I would love to see the 24Ai or 16a to have SPIDF in and out so I can use my high end 2 channel convertors for monitoring and overdubs and printing mixes. I know the 1248 offers SPIDF but I don't want pres or any of that. I just love the simple format of the 16a or the 24Ai + the 24ao for my hybrid set up. Using the Motu's for most of the heavy lifting and having the options for my other high end AD/DA for the most critical applications.

Yes having spdif would make the 24ao a real option for quite a few of us!! Lots of people interested in the 24ao would have high end convertors that require spdif or AES connections.