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I know what you are saying; I'm saying "so what?"
You can't say 'so what'. You said Parker innovated more effectively than the music industry, and I'm simply pointing out he was able to do that because he broke the law and trashed people's lives in the process. It's effective, but completely illegal and unethical. The Pirate Bay distributed digital files more effectively than the copyright owners, but all three founders are in jail, and before that, were hiding in remote parts of Laos and Thailand.

Flashforward 15 years, and the media companies have gone from fighting the Sean Parker's and Daniel's Ek's of the world to climbing into bed with them.
Well who knows? That's you guessing. The logical conclusion is they would meet halfway. But Parker and Ek might be history in 15 years. just like MySpace - remember?

Let's say hypothetically someone did that and came up with a cure for the Ebola virus. What do you think would happen?
Let's say the first 20 human volunteers died of some unexpected side effect within 24 hours?